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Confirmed Plenary Speakers

Ikuro Abe – The University of Tokyo

Bill Baker – University of South Florida

Chaitan Khosla – Stanford University

Julia Kubanek – Georgia Institute of Technology

Prakash Nagarkatti – University of South Carolina

Luc Pieters – University of Antwerp, Belgium

Pei-Yuan Qian – The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Jurgen Rohr – University of Kentucky

Ryuichi Sakai – Hokkaido University

Amala Soumyanath – Oregon Health & Science University

Huimin Zhao – University of Illinois


Currently scheduled workshops (Saturday, July 29, 2017)

“Updated Guide to Scientific Writing and Publishing” with Drs. A. Doug Kinghorn (The Ohio State University), and Daneel Ferreira (University of Mississippi) – This workshop will discuss various aspects of scientific writing and manuscript production. (Scheduled from 9-11 am)


“Determining the mechanism of action of potential anticancer agents: beyond apoptosis” with Ms. Corena Schaffer, and Drs. April Risinger, Andrew Robles and Susan Mooberry (University of Texas, Health Sciences Center, San Antonio) – This workshop will give participant a basic introduction to the terminology used, basic pharmacology and assays they can use to test their compounds and identify appropriate biological assays. This workshop will involve case studies of the identification of several compounds with different mechanisms of action. (Scheduled from 11:30-1pm)


“Applications of NMR Beyond Structure Elucidation” with Drs. Charlotte Simmler, and Guido Pauli (University of Illinois, Chicago) – This workshop is dedicated to understanding the principle of quantitative NMR (qNMR) and its multiple applications. The training will cover technical and theoretical aspects of qNMR, and offer different examples of applications ranging from purity determination to the analysis of complex mixtures and metabolomics. Representative speakers from different research environments (Academia, Industry, and Government) will share their experience in this specific field. Invited speakers include Dr. Corbett (DEA), Dr. Edison (University of Georgia) and Dr. Ray (Baxter International Inc.) Hands-on practice of purity determination using real qNMR data sets will be planned. (Scheduled from 9-4 pm with approximately 1 hour lunch break).


“Following the Path of a Natural Product Molecule (Extraction to Elucidation)” with Drs. Mark O’Neil-Johnson (Sequoia Biosciences) and Jimmy Yuk (Waters, Inc.) – The workshop will follow the path of a compound as it travels the path of an extraction, purification and isolation process.  Unique, insightful and powerful analytical techniques that can be employed in this process will be presented, focusing on technologies that utilize supercritical fluid and mass spectrometry imaging, theory and applications.  Included in this workshop will be a presentation on “an approach to structure elucidation,” where one natural product chemist shares insights to performing the artful task of uncovering a molecules structure based on the analytical data acquired. (Scheduled from 1-5 pm)


“Grant Writing Strategies” with Dr. D. Craig Hopp (NCCIH, National Institutes of Health) – This workshop is intended to cover strategies and dos and don’ts for writing grant applications with a primary focus on the National Institutes of Health. (Scheduled from 1-4 pm)


Poster instructions.

Posters should be a maximum of 3 ft tall x 4 ft wide.

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